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SpecMeOut may earn a commission from the links on this site, at no extra cost to you.

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Well-known for its email marketing capabilities, ActiveCampaign also offers a robust CRM, a feature only available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise accounts.

ActiveCampaign makes deal management easy by letting you create, edit, and progress “deals,” or active contacts to move them through the pipeline.

With the lead scoring feature, you can score both contacts and deals. You can also set up as many lead scoring programs as you want with different lead scoring systems for different categories.

Perhaps where this solution shines the most is in it’s seamless sales and marketing automation. You can automate certain actions to pass contacts from marketing to sales and back again.

ActiveCampaign has a unique lead scoring feature in that it allows you to use lead scoring within automations you create.

You can manually create deals or automate the process. ActiveCampaign allows you to arrange the pipelines and their stages in either a horizontal or vertical view.

Customize the stages of the pipeline with the phases of your funnel, color-coding each stage so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for on the pipeline.

You can also view the deals by tasks to get a to-do-list of tasks for each deal in your pipeline.

The Conversations feature allows you to create a seamless customized experience for visitors and contacts. This two-way chat platform lives on your site, helping you to connect with customers, answer questions, and collect information.

Create an automated chatbot that engages with visitors however you want it to. Then, manage all of your ongoing Conversations interactions with a Unified Inbox, where all your discussions, contact info, and follow-up emails are stored.

With ActiveCampaign, you don’t just get a comprehensive CRM, you also get a robust email marketing platform. Connect your existing email accounts (like Gmail or Outlook) and send newsletters, autoresponders, and automated emails.

ActiveCampaign also offers a number of useful reports and dashboard views, although the reporting may not be comprehensive enough for those that really want to dig into the data.


Pricing will depend on the number of contacts you have and which tier you choose. CRM is only available for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans, starting at $49/month (paid yearly).

Core Features

Sales reporting for individual team members

Calculate win probability

Sales funnel automations

Automated lead segmentation based on lead actions

Lead scoring for deals and individual contacts

Automated deal updates

Follow-up notifications for the sales team

Task assignment to individuals