Wowwwwww these 5-taco reviews went from 0 to 100 real quick. *Drake dance*

Albacross is winning over Sumo-lings far and wide with its B2B lead generation sorcery.

But this behind-the-scenes visibility into which businesses are visiting your site is ending once codes run out!

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Albacross is a B2B platform that increases lead generation and advertising efficiency by uncovering who visits your site.

By simply copying and pasting a snippet of code into your website, you’ll see exactly which businesses are visiting your site and get valuable information like contact info, geographical location, and detailed company information.

You’ll also see on-site behavior like how many times they’ve visited your site, which pages they’ve visited, and how much time they spent on your site.

All of this knowledge will help you and your sales team put together tailored sales pitches that will be tough to turn down.

When you gather your leads, you will be able to add tags so that you can filter and target specific types of people and companies.

By simply clicking on a company’s link, you'll be taken to a business page that will show you which industry they’re in, when they were founded, and what their estimated annual revenue is.

You’ll also have the ability to receive email reports when certain companies are visiting your website.

“This is cool and all, but can I export these Albacross leads?”

Great question, Sumo-ling, and you sure can!

Albacross allows you to export into a CSV or use their Zapier integration to send leads to any of your other CRM or email platforms.

And you can retarget segmented leads using Albacross' account-based marketing platform. (Heads-up: While the feature is included in this deal, Albacross does not include any budget, and the minimum budget to start a campaign is $629.)

Businesses, you need to up your B2B sales game, and AppSumo's special Albacross plan will let you do just that! Here's what the plan includes:

5 domains per code (you can change domains in the future)

60 days of historical data

Unlimited team members

Zapier integration

1,000 leads export credits per month (e.g. 1 credit for 1 row of company info exported)

100 email credits per month (e.g. 1 credit for one email address revealed of a decision maker at a company)

Advanced filtering and email reports

Includes all future updates to this plan

Live chat support

This unique plan is valued at $948 a year.

But while there are codes left, you can get lifetime access for just $49!

Albacross is also awesome enough to let you buy this deal as many times as you want! (Each deal is for one account with 5 domains, 1000 leads, and 100 contact details - you can manage all your accounts from one dashboard.)

Get your code(s) before they are gone!

Start tracking and targeting site visitors now!

Albacross has more detailed data and contact information than the other guys, meaning that you team will be able to really zone in on their marketing efforts and drive sales.

And Albacross has what seems like an endless list of companies from all over the world in their database. Try and stump 'em, we dare you!

So if you’re tired of having site traffic with nothing to show for it, then you need Albacross.

Find out who is (obviously) interested in what you have to offer and get after them.

Grab lifetime access to Albacross for just $49!

But hurry, this deal will be over in a blink!

Score leads and increase sales while Albacross codes are left!

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