Growing a business means getting cozy with acronyms. (“I need the B2B CLV and ROI after those UX updates by EOW.” What have I become…)

But after months of headaches from switching between tools, CRM is the acronym at the top of your list.

Want to simplify your business with one outstanding customer relationship management platform that keeps track of contacts, invoices, revenue, expenses, and more?

Get ready for Axonaut.

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Axonaut is a complete CRM for small businesses that lets you manage contacts, revenue, expenses, invoices, and more.

Use Axonaut’s CRM features to maintain all your contacts in one place.

You can import your existing customer data and then use that information for future email lists or outreach campaigns.

Plus, you’ll be able to integrate your Google or Microsoft calendar for viewing and scheduling appointments.

Use Axonaut’s CRM to keep all your contacts in a centralized platform!

Quotes and invoices make sure you’ll have the tools you need to get paid, too.

Create a customizable quote from the available templates, then generate a corresponding invoice with a single click.

You can receive payment by credit and debit cards, and manage deposits, progress billing, balances, and recurring billing right from Axonaut.

Go ahead and cue up “For the Love of Money'' by the O’Jays. (♫Money money money money, money!♫)

Quickly craft customizable quotes and invoices with just a click to get paid right from Axonaut!

We live in the age of online orders, so Axonaut lets you check your cashflow in real time. (“Personalized Toblerone bars are a business expense, right?”)

You can connect your bank account to reconcile transactions, then get detailed statistics on revenue and expense trends.

You’ll also be able to digitize your paper invoices and receipts with optical character recognition (OCR) for easy bookkeeping.

For expenses, you can automate accounting tasks by setting up your preferred accounting export format, plus automatically fill the expense form by uploading a receipt and using the OCR.

Automatically fill out expense reports by simply uploading a receipt!

Axonaut also fits snugly into your marketing strategy.

You can plan, prepare, and send emails, text messages, and good ol’ fashioned snail mail right from your account.

The multi-criteria targeting makes sure that you can focus on the specific section of your customer base, directly from the CRM.

Not to mention the handy customer portals to give clients dedicated space to view documents, quotes, and invoices.

Axonaut even lets you set up notifications for client actions to cut down on back-and-forth.

Send emails, text messages, and mail straight from Axonaut for streamlined marketing campaigns!

Your business can’t grow up big and strong while admin tasks are eating up all your time. (No matter how much you tell yourself that expense tracking is “meditative”....)

Axonaut lets you easily handle contacts, marketing campaigns, invoices, cash flow, and expenses from a centralized location.

So make things easy on yourself and smooth on your business.

Get lifetime access to Axonaut now!

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