Engaging potential customers with your website can be tough.

You’ve got to showcase your product, establish credibility, interact with your audience, and tons more.

So how do you do all that in such a short time and keep visitors from bouncing like you just changed the channel from ESPN to C-SPAN?

With BirdSeed, your multi-tool for maximum conversions.

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BirdSeed is an all-in-one website engagement suite featuring 12 powerful tools to help you generate leads and increase conversions.

With BirdSeed, attracting visitors (and keeping them) has never been easier thanks to a treasure trove of 12 phenomenal engagement tools.

BirdSeed helps you cover every angle—like millennials Instagramming their brunch.

The first thing BirdSeed does is help you eliminate your visitor’s fear of commitment with a Knowledge Library tool that lets you present a simple FAQ for common questions and even include video responses.

Seeing is believing, so BirdSeed’s Showcase feature lets you show off your best assets with on-demand videos and visual assistance.

You can use Link Launcher to link to other resources visitors might need, from FAQs to contact info to pricing info.

Next, you can establish credibility so potential customers can see what sets you apart from competitors (take notes, Fyre Festival).

The Client Testimonials tool lets you display comments from all the customers that love you, while you can use the Product Timeline to keep visitors in the loop on with recent business news and your product roadmap.

Meanwhile, Feedback provides simple surveys to let you know what visitors are thinking and grow from there.

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. BirdSeed lets visitors get in touch with you instantly and easily.

Phone Contact gets customers directly to the right person or extension (no more “Press 1 for more options”).

If your lines are busy, customers can leave their number with the Call Request tool and get an estimated callback time.

And for the phone-phobic, Live Chat helps you communicate via text and send videos in real-time to your visitors.

Unlike the McDonald’s ice cream machine, you’ve got to be up and running at all times.

When you’re not available, you can use the Schedule Meeting tool for organized time-based scheduling, Email Capture for subscribing visitors to your awesome email campaigns, and the Contact Form tool for later responses to inquiries.

As a small or medium-sized business, you can’t support live chat at all hours—if at all.

Unlike other tools, BirdSeed offers awesome live chat functionality as well as alternatives.

That’s because BirdSeed’s got you covered with a full arsenal of engagement tools, while the competition is just too one-track minded.

Having some guy spin a sign might work for that local phone screen repair shop, but it just won’t do for your brand (even if his moves are kinda sick).

To grow your online empire, you need all the right tools for the job.

Tools that will attract visitors and transform them into loyal customers.

Get lifetime access to BirdSeed now and be the website everyone flocks to!

P.S. Learn to use BirdSeed like a pro! Check out the webinar replay.

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