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Managing your help desk and helping customers shouldn’t require the same amount of coordination as an elaborate casino heist. (Where’s Clooney when you need him?)

With multiple channels and support tickets piling up, providing awesome customer service can be a gamble.

It’s time to simplify, upgrade, and consolidate your customer support processes in one modern help desk solution.

Meet Cayzu.

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Cayzu is a cloud-based help desk software solution that lets you manage all your support inquiries across multiple channels in one place.

Cayzu is the easiest way to manage all your support inquiries, so you can focus on providing next-level customer service.

You’ll get all the features you need from a modern, best-in-class ticketing and help desk solution in a single platform.

Cayzu helps automate your processes, so you can streamline communication and allow your help desk support staff to work more efficiently.

Give your customers top-notch support with single tickets, where all their info is in one place.

With Cayzu, you can automatically assign emails based on the subject or description, so tickets always go to the right person or department.

Plus, you’ll be able to keep your support team’s inboxes under control with custom rules.

For instance, Cayzu can close a ticket automatically and notify the customer if they don’t reply within a certain time period. (Inbox zero, here we come!)

The platform’s built-in SLA rules mean you’ll never miss an urgent ticket—get notified right away if an urgent ticket isn’t resolved within your set time period.

Get better visibility into your customers’ issues and easily organize tickets in your dashboard.

Skip past the awkward team-building exercises. (One truth and no lie: I hate icebreakers.)

Cayzu makes team collaboration smoother than ever by getting rid of the guesswork.

Help desk teams can add internal notes to tickets to privately collaborate and share information that’s not visible to the customer.

You’ll make collaboration seamless with Cayzu’s intuitive workflow of quick actions, one click assign and resolve features, and more.

Plus, Cayzu is completely cloud-based and works in any browser, so your agents can help customers anytime, anywhere.

Access insights about your customers and your support team with easy-to-read reports.

Top-tier customer service means anticipating what your customers need before they know they need it.

Cayzu gives you the insights you need to see trends, operations data, and key support metrics in real-time—like your very own crystal ball.

Elegantly designed dashboards and reports provide you and your support team all the critical information needed to react quickly to any customer issues.

Get data on the number of tickets, average response time, busiest support times, star agents, and more!

Integrate your favorite apps with Cayzu to give you expanded functionality.

Until the human body evolves past needing sleep, your support staff can’t be online to answer questions 24/7. (Good thing there’s Red Bull!)

With Cayzu, you can give your customers the ability to help themselves by finding answers to their questions and tracking their inquiry status.

By creating an extensive knowledge base, you can centralize all your answers and solutions in one spot so customers can get support without asking an agent.

Build a completely customizable end-user portal that helps your knowledge base fit with the rest of your brand.

Customize and brand your customer-facing portal in minutes to provide a seamless customer experience.

Your help desk staff told us to tell you your customers aren’t the only ones that need support. (“Also, more gluten-free snacks in the pantry, please!”)

Cayzu offers all the tools you need to provide best-in-class customer service with an easy to use, all-in-one help desk solution.

With streamlined team collaboration, insights into customer issues, and hosted knowledge base, your customers can get the help they need 24/7.

Get lifetime access to Cayzu today!

P.S. Learn how to use Cayzu like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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