User-generated content is a great way to bring social proof to your business. (Apparently, your dog Charlie’s “two enthusiastic paws up” isn’t a convincing enough review.)

But manually collecting, organizing, and scraping it together from email and social media is time-consuming and tedious.

Picture a video marketing tool that simplifies collecting customer and employee testimonials, showing off company culture, and activating brand ambassadors and fans.

Introducing EditMate, a new way to boost social proof and brand affinity.

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EditMate is user-generated video marketing software that allows businesses to feature videos from their community to provide social proof and build brand affinity.

EditMate is an end-to-end solution that lets you collect and produce user-generated video content.

To get started, crowdsource an unlimited number of videos from your customers, fans, followers, and anyone else who knows what it’s like to work with your business.

You can also easily upload existing photos or video footage to repurpose your old content.

Make it as easy as possible to collect user-generated video content by asking customers to upload their content on EditMate’s public uploader.

The uploader is optimized for mobile and can be white-labeled to match your brand, down to the customizable URL and built-in terms and conditions.

Collect user-generated videos from your community with EditMate’s standard uploader!

To upload a video, customers enter the project’s hashtag and their email address before selecting up to 4 videos or photos from their phone or computer.

All photos or videos uploaded via the uploader will land in your mobile uploads folder based on the corresponding project.

Take advantage of the built-in, customizable legal terms and conditions to get immediate permission to use uploaded videos in your marketing.

You’ll be able to design a custom uploader that matches your brand and can be personalized with unique terms and conditions and data fields.*

Design a branded uploader with customizable data fields and terms and conditions.*

The EditMate dashboard is your command console, Captain. Get ready to go boldly where no marketer has gone before.

From the dashboard, you can send and schedule personalized emails to invite people to contribute videos to your project in just one click.

This simple, intuitive dashboard makes it painless to collaborate with your team from start to finish with the ability to write project briefs, review footage, rate videos, share videos, and more.

Start projects, review footage, and collaborate with your team on one streamlined dashboard!

Are your DIY editing skills lacking? EditMate has you covered.

Access a global network of professional video editors who can craft your raw user-generated footage into polished branded marketing content that’s ready to share.

These hand-picked editors all have at least five years of video production experience working with the world’s largest brands, so you know your content is in good hands.

Get access to a global network of pro video editors, and manage projects from start to finish in the chat box.

Gone are the days of shaking your fist at the sky as you painstakingly dig customer videos out of Gmail or Dropbox.

With EditMate, you can store your videos on public or private, password-protected video channels with easy access when you need them.

In the click of a button, you can also share these videos with team members, other customers, or anyone else who needs to take a look.

Store and share your videos on public or private video channels, so the right eyes can get on your content!

Sifting through emails and DMs for content from your audience is about as fun as a trip to the DMV with your in-laws. (Next up, a root canal starring your ex as the dentist!)

If you want to tap into the power of user-generated content, there’s a better solution.

EditMate helps you harness that #bigmarketingenergy with user-friendly software that makes it easy to collect, edit, store, and share user-generated videos.

Get lifetime access to EditMate today!

*This feature is only available for tier 2 and 3 plans.

P.S. Learn how to use EditMate like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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