Event planning can be a tornado of spreadsheets for organizers and attendees with a hot mess of booklets and flyers that end up straight in the trash. (At least toss it in recycling!)

Then you’ve got those last-minute room changes, ghostly silent Q&As, and guests so overwhelmed they forget to network.

If this sounds familiar, your event planning fairy godmother is here to help you boost the attendee experience.

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Eventee helps you create a mobile app that enhances the attendee experience through engaging features and an easy-to-use interface.

With Eventee, creating a mobile app for your event has never been easier.

It all starts with an intuitive web interface where you can build and manage your whole event.

You’ll begin by creating your event agenda with sessions, workshops, and breaks.

From the mobile app, attendees can then build their own personal drag-and-drop agenda with notifications, ensuring that they never lose track of what’s coming up next.

Create an event agenda by adding sessions, speakers, rooms, and more while your attendees build drag-and-drop personal agendas from the app.

It’s an unspoken rule in event planning that no matter how well prepared you are, unexpected situations, like room changes, will always come up the day of.

Eventee makes it easy to notify attendees of changes in real-time through the Newsfeed feature.

Send push notifications to attendees to ensure that no one misses an important update.

You can also keep attendees informed and engaged with real-time or scheduled posts.

Highlight other important information like the sponsor list, venue map, restaurant recommendations, or online surveys by adding it to the menu bar.

Keep attendees updated and engaged through real-time and pre-scheduled posts and push notifications.

Engaging and interacting with attendees is a necessary part of any successful event.

After all, there’s nothing worse than hearing crickets when it comes to Q&A time.

With Eventee, attendees can ask speakers questions live, vote in real-time polls, give feedback, and rate sessions for instant event evaluation.

You can also use social integration to motivate attendees to share posts with event hashtags to increase event awareness and visibility.

Let attendees ask questions and vote in polls right through the mobile app!

One of the main reasons people attend events is to make new connections, making it essential for event planners to streamline the networking process.

Eventee has changed the event networking game with an easy swiping system, allowing attendees with similar interests to connect and start a conversation. (It’s Tinder for professional networking!)

After swiping right on each other, attendees can chat, audio/video call, or arrange meetings right through the mobile app.

Provide a unique experience for attendees by allowing them to swipe to make new, relevant connections.

Holding a virtual event? You’re not alone. Eventee has you taken care of there, too.

With powerful support for virtual events, Eventee allows you to add links to your streaming service right into the app.

Attendees can then watch live streams and videos on demand from their mobile phones or desktops.

Take advantage of added engagement features that enable attendees to ask questions, answer live polls, engage on social, and network with other guests in virtual meeting rooms.

Eventee shines with virtual events, letting you live stream content and engage with attendees on desktop and mobile.

The success of your event will always depend on the attendee experience (and what kind of snacks you have).

Get rid of the paper shuffle, eliminate confusion around last-minute changes, and keep your attendees engaged.

Eventee makes your event the bright spot on everyone’s calendars.

Get lifetime access today!

P.S. Learn how to use Eventee like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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