So you want to get your point across to customers, partners, or employees and have the brilliant idea to make a video.

You think, “Man, this is so much easier than writing a manual or talking to someone face-to-face.”

Then, you actually try creating a video and realize it’s wayyy harder than you thought it would be.

Well, don’t give up on video just yet. Help has arrived: Fleeq.

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Fleeq lets you quickly create bite-size training videos so you can improve communication and increase efficiency.

Long gone are the days of video creation frustration because Fleeq has changed the way videos are made.

All you have to do to is take a screenshot, click on a specific section, add a description, and repeat.

You can keep videos on brand with full control of all branding aspects, including, color, logo, custom domain, Favicon, and much more.

Once you’re done, it will automagically turn into a live interactive video.

And you can take your video to the next level with multilingual narration, different vocals, genders, accents, and much more!

Sometimes things change.

Fleeq lets you adapt to these changes on the fly.

Forget about importing and exporting every single change—now you can remotely control all your fleeqs within the dashboard!

To make updates, just adjust the contents and your changes are "Live" in production!

Fleeq works where you work.

Thanks to the Fleeq chrome extension, you can add fleeqs directly from your Gmail compose window, Zendesk ticket reply message box, or in an intercom interaction.

Offline and still need to access your Fleeq? Not a problem.

You can export your fleeqs in MP4 and GIF formats!

There’s a reason you want your viewers to watch your fleeqs and you can help them take the right action by adding a CTA to the end of your fleeq.

Viewers will be able to give you feedback on your fleeq so you can constantly make improvements.

You can also add your own message when sharing with customers and leads.

Fleeq knows that in order to stand out in the market it has to offer something different.

That’s why Fleeq has invented a new format that lets you control video in production without republishing it.

Think of this feature like Google Docs for video—living between a PPT and a mov. file, but with the benefits of customization and collaboration.

There’s no getting around it. You need video to communicate.

And when you add Fleeq to your arsenal, you can easily create videos for HR, customer support, technical marketing, and so much more.

Stop fumbling through the video creation process.

Get lifetime access to Fleeq now!

P.S. Learn how to use Fleeq like a pro! Watch the demo webinar replay.

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