Making Remote Work Work

Whether you’ve wanted to make the transition or not, chances are a certain microscopic troublemaker has you working from home (or trying to).

And you’re quickly finding it’s not all pizza bites and puppy videos (but it’s probably a lot of those at the moment #selfcare).

But now you need a game plan for getting things done, including how to communicate, build teams, and schedule workflows.

Meet your new roommate: Making Remote Work Work: How To Work Remotely & Build Teams From Anywhere In The World.

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Making Remote Work Work is an ebook detailing the ins and outs of effective remote work, from communication to workflows to career advancement.

Making Remote Work Work gives you detailed advice on scheduling and workflows to boost remote productivity!

This handy ebook gives you all the pro tips for getting things done while in eye-view of the kitchen and couch.

You’ll learn how to structure your work in a way that makes sense for you, ensuring that you get your best work done in the least amount of time.

Get ready for new workflows that take advantage of all your newfound independence.

Communication is a big challenge once you can’t just scream somebody’s name across the office.

Make sure your team stays tight with communication advice and troubleshooting.

Plus, you’ll get insider tips for building a team, working with different time zones, and interacting with team members all over the world.

Making Remote Work Work also shows you communication tools and standards for top-quality correspondence.

For those of you navigating management positions in the teleworking world, this ebook has your back.

Discover how to transition your team into remote work, as well as tips for finding, interviewing, and onboarding the best remote talent.

There’s also advice on tackling cultural differences, keeping motivation high, and evaluating performance to make sure your management skills are in-line with your environment.

This is a time when your team is looking to you for guidance, and Making Remote Work Work will give you the confidence you need to keep them grounded.

Regardless of how prepared you are, remote work is difficult.

While this ebook gives you a shiny new toolbox, it also honestly addresses the major challenges that face teams and individuals.

Among these is how to find remote work in the first place, whether you’re freelancing or telecommuting and everything in-between.

Learn remote-specific tips for how to stand out in the resume crowd, network, and advance your career.

You may be working from home, but you’re not going it alone.

Remote work without structure is a taco without a tortilla: messy, upsetting, and a general affront to human innovation (we take our tacos very seriously).

Now you’ve got an excellent resource to help you make the transition, keep productive, and stay relevant.

So give us an air-five, Sumo-ling, because this one’s absolutely free.

Get access to Making Remote Work Work now!

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