Disclaimer: The Marpipe lifetime offer has ended. However, you can still get yearly access to the Solo Plan for the discounted and locked price of $329 (retail value: $480). You’ll be able to renew every year on Marpipe’s website at $329.

Testing ideas is how we improve them, like making “practice” batches of cupcakes four months before the holidays. (Can’t help it if the scientific method is also delicious.)

But testing ad creatives is a slog of creating dozens of variants for each platform and then running tests to see which is most effective.

Want to use the assets you already have to make hundreds of creatives and variants in no time?

Meet Marpipe.

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Marpipe is a multivariate testing platform that lets you build, launch, and analyze hundreds of ad creatives to automate the testing process.

Creating new ads is as easy as uploading your assets and dragging-and-dropping them into the builder.

Once you’ve got a base ad, then you can create multiple variants with the same drag-and-drop functionality.

Use variant mode to change the copy, experiment with backgrounds, switch up placement, and much more to get dozens of ideas down in a fraction of the time.

Then just click “generate” to preview all of your variants before launching.

Use the ad builder to quickly create dozens of variants with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality!

When you’re ready to launch, all you have to do is pick which creative variants you want to test.

From there, you can choose the type of campaign, like traffic, reach, and conversions.

Then you’ll choose your spending level, which is great for budgets both large and small.

You can launch up to 1,500 Facebook ads at once for large-scale tests with all the variety you can imagine.

Use the launch feature to choose creatives, campaign types, and spend level, and test launch up to 1,500 Facebook ads at once!

The best part? Marpipe organizes your mountains of data to be easily digestible.

You’ll be able to track analytics for each image and copy asset to see if audiences prefer anything from certain backgrounds to in-image text.

Plus, you can use filters to rank the assets, creatives, and audiences by different KPIs for actionable insights.

It’s never been easier to get the information you need to boost the overall effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Quickly track analytics for each asset to see what’s most effective for your audience!

You won’t be fumbling through tons of folders looking for assets anymore with Marpipes built-in library.

This is where you can store all of your variables for ad creatives, including images, copy, fonts, and URLs.

Even better, uploaded images are tagged using machine learning for quick organization, and you can even add and edit copy right from the library.

That way, you can keep all of your messaging in one place with data to back it up, instead of spread across tons of shared docs organized by theme or “hype.” (Better in theory than practice.)

The built-in Marpipe library keeps track of all your assets for simple organization!

No need to worry about getting clients confused, either.

Marpipe lets you use separate ad accounts for different brands, and each account is linked with a Facebook Ad and Page, plus an Instagram account.

After the links are set up, you can launch ads to the saved audiences in Facebook, as well as pull data from live tests.

It’s perfect for agencies, freelancers who work with different teams, and consultants whose phones can’t stop blowin’ up.

Separate ad accounts for different brands to avoid getting assets and clients confused!

Running tests is like running distance: You’d do it more often if it were easier and it didn’t make you sweat so much.

Marpipe ensures that your ads are at peak performance with easy creative building, drag-and-drop variants, and simple experiment launches.

So go from angry creative to mad cool scientist.

Get one year of access to Marpipe today!

P.S. Learn how to use Marpipe like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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