We all know that meetings are necessary for sharing ideas and focusing on your strategy.

But finding a time that works with everyone’s schedule—especially across time zones—is about as easy as naming 10 things you love about the live-action Mulan. (“Where’s Mushu?!”)

So how can remote team members come together more efficiently and effectively?

Introducing Meetquo.

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Meetquo is a remote meeting and brainstorming platform that allows teammates to participate on their own schedule.

Meetquo's clean and simple meeting and brainstorming workspace makes it effortless to unify your team (unless you’re picking a lunch spot).

You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of meetings happening across your team and be able to keep track of attendees, outputs and decisions in one place.

Just set up a meeting, create teams, invite participants. Then sit back and watch as ideas collect and decisions get made the smart way.

Get real-time insights into key team decisions and instantly view the status of all your meetings.

Meetquo eliminates wasting time finding a slot that works for everyone’s schedule.

Instead, you can work with your team members asynchronously.

This allows everyone to share their ideas at different moments, time zones, and locations.

With Meetquo, it’s easy to collect valuable input from your team, so participants can comment, ask questions, and submit their own ideas anytime.

Easily create meetings and simplify collaboration, while collecting valuable insights from your team.

The Meeting Document is like a virtual room you can share in real-time with your team.

No more miscommunication, coffee-stained meeting notes, or jumbled ideas spread across different places.

With Meetquo, you’ll have a single source of truth—one co-created document with everyone's insights and key decisions.

More importantly, you can always check previous versions of the Meeting Document in the cloud. That way no one, (*cough* Jerry) can delete critical information.

Transform your meeting content into co-created knowledge assets that keep everyone in the loop.

Replace time-consuming calls and endless emails with the Discussion Section feature.

You can share one-minute video messages or submit written proposals and request feedback from your team.

From there, participants can easily rate proposals to see which one is the most valued, to add the best content to the Meeting document.

Share your thoughts and feedback with the asynchronous video chat and vote for the best proposals.

Once the team is aligned with final decisions, it’s time to close out the meeting.

Meetquo gives you the option to ask each participant to sign the outcome to make sure everyone’s in sync.

Keep the final document stored safely in the cloud and retrieve it at any time.

Meetquo helps you keep your team aligned on one common goal no matter where they are!

Meetings can quickly cause burnout and take over your life, especially with team members scattered across the world like Carmen Sandiego.

The key to a successful remote team is asynchronous work.

With Meetquo, you can improve the efficiency of your meetings, track important project decisions, and make the most of everyone’s time—anytime.

Get lifetime access now!

P.S. Learn how to use Meetquo like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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