Freelancers, here’s a truth bomb: when it comes to management software, you get the short end of the stick.

You either have to spend all of your money on software that’s way out of your league, or you have to painfully juggle a ton of individual tools.

But that ends today.

Meet the answer to all of your business management problems: Plutio.

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Plutio allows you to manage your entire business from one intuitive, centralized, and deeply customizable platform.

Plutio helps you keep each and every aspect of your business organized.

Because freelancers and small teams have a metric ton of things going, Plutio made sure to built their product with the UX as simple and friendly as possible.

Inside of Plutio's clean dashboard, you can easily create, edit, and see all your projects and tasks.

You’ll be able to customize workflows, set start and due dates, and communicate with everyone involved so you always know who’s doing what and where they stand.

Plutio also makes sure that you get paid cash money with proposals, time tracking, and invoices, all of which are built in the platform.

Proposals can be created in minutes with a simple-to-use drag and drop editor. Just have clients sign them electronically and it's go time for your project.

When you begin working on a task, fire up the time tracker. If you forget, you can always manually input time later. Each project will have its own timesheet that is editable, downloadable, and printable.

And sending invoices is a breeze. You’ll control everything in the invoice from due dates to footer notes, to applying discounts and tax rates. Payments can be sent to your Stripe, PayPal, or bank account.

Thanks to a feature-rich inbox and live chat, you can communicate with everyone in your business through real-time messaging and integrated emails.

Plutio gives you access to a powerful CRM that helps you build better relationships. (Add or invite leads to collaborate in real-time.)

In your CRM, you can add profile notes, log and schedule calls, input custom fields, and more.

You'll also get a Client Portal, which lets clients participate or just watch project progress.

Freelancers, Plutio knows how hard you work on your business.

Which is why they want to do their part and lighten the load for you.

Manage your entire business from one dashboard.

Grab lifetime access to Plutio now!

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