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We all do it.

We bookmark websites so that we can “easily” access them later.

But unless you only have three websites bookmarked, you wind up with countless folders that are as organized as a teenager’s room (so much angst, so much dust).

This is where Qlearly, a modern bookmarks and tabs manager, comes in.

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Qlearly is a modern bookmarks and tabs manager that helps you stay organized by keeping all your favorite apps in one place.

“Wait, did I put yesterday's article in my “marketing” folder or my “growth” folder?”

You no longer have to waste time digging through folders or clicking through tabs to find what you’re looking for.

With Qlearly, you can organize your favorite websites by columns and boards, which automatically load every time you open a new tab!

Adding sites to your board is as simple as clicking “save.”

You can save all or a handful of your tabs to a specific column with just one click.

And, finding your sites is just as fast and easy — search through your boards using keywords or shortcuts. (Hide and site seek was fun while it lasted.)

In addition to searches, Qlearly's keyboard shortcuts let you quickly create new boards and columns and save tabs.

If you think the convenience ends here, you’re mistaken.

Qlearly makes collaborating with people a walk in the park.

Share a full board or specific columns privately with your team, or go public using a shareable link.

And if you’re one of those fancy people with multiple devices, you can sync devices and access all your bookmarks by simply logging into your Qlearly account. (Any additional bookmarks you save will be synced.)

Qlearly's browser extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, and all Chromium browsers (Opera, Brave, etc).

Traditional bookmark managers do a decent job of keeping things organized for a handful of sites.

But with Qlearly, you can set yourself up for success no matter how many sites you save.

And thanks to extensions, the speed at which you can manage tabs is unmatched.

Sure, saving sites the old-fashioned way only takes a few extra seconds.

But seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours and, well, you get the point.

Let Qlearly speed up your workflow and keep you organized.

Plus Members, get free access now!

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