Customer feedback can be scary, especially if it’s unfiltered. (To quote Taylor Swift, “So casually cruel in the name of being honest.”)

But in order to improve your business, you need a way to collect that feedback and turn it into a data-driven plan of action.

Break up with low-tech survey providers and use a survey platform that lets you measure and actually improve customer experiences.

Say hello to Qwary.

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Qwary is an omnichannel platform that helps you capture feedback and measure NPS, CSAT, and CES with beautifully designed, professional surveys.

With Qwary, you can close the gap between what your customers want and what you provide with actionable business insights.

The end-to-end platform makes it easier than ever to collect valuable feedback from your customers and engage them with interactive and innovative surveys.

With the interactive survey design, you can build trust and make your customers actually feel heard. (“Your feedback is important to us. No, really! We’re not just saying that!”)

Qwary also gives you 100+ language options, so you can compose your survey in one language and translate your survey to your customer’s language choice with a click of a button.

Create beautiful, engaging surveys and collect more responses that help improve your business!

Unlike other survey providers, Qwary is a complete platform that helps you exceed customer expectations, every time. (“11/10. Fantastic service and they even picked up that sorbet I like.”)

You can ask targeted questions, create a tailored customer experience strategy, and drive loyalty simultaneously with surveys that emphasize your focus on customer care.

Using asynchronous video forms, you can talk directly to your audience and collect more meaningful feedback.

Plus, Qwary’s whitelabel surveys are beautifully designed, so you can represent your brand at every step of the customer journey.

Qwary’s asynchronous video forms look and feel more human, so you can collect more meaningful feedback!

Forget everything you know about basic rating scales or yes/no surveys. With Qwary, you can build unlimited surveys with unlimited questions.

So, you won’t just get more responses—you’ll collect better responses with built-in sentiment and intent analysis, advanced branching, and conditional logic.

Qwary lets you unlock even more ways to capture customer feedback with website survey forms, text and email surveys, Facebook Messenger surveys, and more!

See all responses in real-time via the dashboard and never lose your data in a spreadsheet again! (Playing that game of “hide and unhide” with your columns was getting exhausting.)

Check out the in-depth dashboard for detailed survey response breakdowns.

Qwary’s key driver tool uses statistical analysis to help you understand what’s driving your company forward. (“Okay, so they like me but like, why do they like me?”)

Using Qwary’s key driver tool, you can convert conversational survey feedback into actionable insights for your business.

That means you can determine which products, entities, and service components have the strongest influence on your customers and directly relate to increased sales.

You can even measure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust with a single number using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which provides a wealth of data via one simple, direct question.

Qwary supports multiple touchpoints through several platforms, so you can even match the NPS survey to specific points in the customer journey and measure results over time.

Unlock valuable feedback with conversational NPS and CSAT surveys that instantly identify your brand’s promoters, passive customers, and detractors.

The last thing you want is for your surveys to be tacked onto the end of a customer service phone call. (Shoutout to anyone who stays on the line to complete those. You the realest.)

It’s time to leave outdated customer surveys and limitations on response analysis in the past.

With Qwary, you get an omnichannel survey platform that helps you get high-quality feedback that actually helps you drive your business forward.

Get lifetime access to Qwary today!

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