Fifteen years ago, business owners didn’t have to worry about fielding questions from a ton of different platforms—all they had to worry about was forwarding calls to their Motorola Razr. (Wow, so sleek.)

Today, we’re expected to respond to messages sent via Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WhatsApp, and a slew of others.

And while this messaging madness may have you contemplating why you ever decided to run a business, help is here.

Meet Rocketbots, your automated message command center.

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Rocketbots is the first and only chat automation platform for all your messaging apps, making it easier than ever to connect with customers.

You’re tired of toggling between tabs. Well, Rocketbots hears you loud and clear.

With Rocketbots, you can manage and respond to all customer chat conversations in one place, regardless of your customer’s choice in platform (Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.).

Rocketbots will create contacts for every user that you chat with so that you have unified customer profiles and better segmentation.

And if you’ve built chatbots using Dialogflow, today is your lucky day. Rocketbots' native Dialogflow integration allows you to connect to all messaging apps with just one click, features human-bot handoff, and much more.

Rocketbots has first of its kind "self-learning AI" that helps you respond to and automate chats.

This self-learning AI powers the Smart Replies feature, which accelerates your conversations by putting the right answers one click away.

Once the AI has built up enough confidence, it can completely automate your FAQs.

There is no setup required because the AI learns directly from your responses. (It’s like training someone who actually listens when you speak.)

Plus, Smart Replies is available in 15+ languages!

“Select the boxes with a street sign to prove you’re human.”

Rocketbots has its own version of this for contact onboarding and they’re called surveys.

By creating a couple of questions for your customers to answer before they go through the pipeline, you can fully automate the qualification process of a lead, or assign the ticket to the right support agent.

With triggers and rules, you can build guided experiences, collect data, and follow up on conversations that have been missed or ignored.

Rocketbot’s automated triggers serve as a Zapier on steroids for your messaging apps.

You can assign customers to agents based on survey responses, send onboarding messages, or automate follow-ups.

Just like The Notorious B.I.G. once said, “sky’s the limit.”

Got a message you want to shout from the chattops?

Use Rocketbots’ Broadcast feature, which lets you send targeted messages directly to your customers' messaging apps.

You can add rich media to your messages, schedule delivery, target users on a granular level, and make your messages recurring.

These campaigns make it easy to inform your audience of new products, services, features, or news and will promote engagement.

Not seen anywhere else, Rocketbots allows Artificial Intelligence and human agents to work together in a seamless environment on a message by message level.

There’s no complex flow building required to benefit from this AI — just connect your channels and start chatting.

Free alternatives help companies to engage their audience on Live Chat or a single Facebook page.

Rocketbots allows companies to across all those spaces and more.

Messaging with customers is unavoidable.

But what is avoidable is answering repetitive questions or being on a ton of different platforms.

Handle all your chats within one, time-saving platform.

Get lifetime access to Rocketbots now!

P.S. Learn how to use Rocketbots like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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