For all its conveniences, remote teamwork can get messy quickly, with symptoms like scheduling mishaps and video call fatigue. (“I wonder if my zoning out looks pensive…”)

Even your best efforts to keep everyone in the loop still end up with vital information slipping through the cracks.

What if you could keep your whole team in sync and spend less time on conference calls?

Introducing Rollcall.

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Rollcall is an asynchronous standup meeting tool that helps remote teams work better together with built-in scheduling and integrations with your tech stack.

Say goodbye to the technical difficulties and scheduling issues that plague traditional video meetings.

With Rollcall, you can schedule pre-recorded asynchronous standups with audio, video, text, or screenshare capabilities.

Instead of joining a live meeting, each member of your team can record their update and post it to the standup. (“We hit our weekly traffic goal! Also, there’s a squirrel outside my window.”)

Configure meetings to fit your team’s availability, time zone, and share recordings with the right people.

Keeping everyone on time—and on track—in remote meetings isn’t easy. (“Kevin, you’re muted again.”)

With Rollcall, you can organize remote, recorded meetings with teammates in any timezone, so no one misses an update.

Once you schedule your meeting, you can create a custom agenda that’s always visible to your attendees, keeping sessions more productive.

After everyone’s done, Rollcall combines the standup and posts to your channel, so you can share crucial info without dealing with delays or internet issues.

Schedule new standups, view recorded standups, and access team participation data in your dashboard!

Rollcall seamlessly integrates with Slack, so you can stay on top of important meetings and updates without interrupting your current workflow.

Simply create a standup and select a submission window for your team to submit their update.

Each team member can make a recording on their own time and attach any links to documents or files.

Then, just select your preferred chat channel to share the compiled recording once the standup is complete.

View the concatenated meeting once all your attendees have submitted their update.

Working with a national—or international—team can get complicated. (“Good morning/evening.”)

No problem. Rollcall lets you schedule a meeting timeframe to make coordinating with team members around the world a breeze.

That way, you never have to worry about inviting a teammate to a meeting outside their working hours.

Plus, Rollcall acts as your personal meeting assistant to remind your teams of scheduled meetings, so they can record and share their updates.

Track attendance, engagement, and trends for your meeting in your Rollcall History.

Even with video meetings, it’s hard to know if everyone’s showing up and staying engaged. (Person who never turns on their camera, what are you up to over there?)

With the attendance history feature, you can make sure all your team members watch the recorded standup once it’s completed.

You can also track engagement in the team analytics section of the dashboard and look back up at previous standups in your Rollcall history.

Take a look at your team’s attendance history from the handy dashboard!

There’s a lot of great things about working remotely—no commute, casual dress code, more time with furry friends (10:00 a.m. meeting agenda: play with Ziggy).

But the struggle of keeping remote teams in sync and on-task isn’t one of them.

Kick back-to-back video meetings to the curb and keep your team connected the smart way.

Get lifetime access to Rollcall today!

P.S. Learn how to use Rollcall like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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