Sumo-ling, we both know that social media accounts thrive on beautiful, eye-catching content — it’s what makes the difference between captivated new followers and The Scrolling Dead (let’s talk, AMC).

But creating that captivating content is easier said than done.

Whether you’re swamped more important tasks or have the design ability of a Crayola crayon, it’s going to be OK.

We’ve got a fast and simple way to create high engagement images: Stencil.

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Stencil is an image editing tool that helps businesses quickly create professional graphics for maximum social engagement.

With its clean and easy-to-use interface, Stencil is your secret weapon for high-quality graphic design.

Stencil knows that you can’t stare at a blank canvas and just hope cool graphics will magically appear.

So it gets the ball rolling with crisp stock photos (breathtaking mountains, cups of coffee dangerously close to laptops, people laughing alone with salads), stunning templates, slick icons and graphics, filters, and Google fonts (you can upload your own, too).

Everything you create can be shared on social and stored in custom Stencil collections (ya gots to keep things organized, ya know?)

And no matter what platform, Stencil’s Size is Right has 41+ dimensions perfectly customized for social networks, ads, blog posts, and more.

Got places to be, things to do, and people to see? We get it.

Stencil yourself in for a quick design appointment and you’ll still have time for everything else (like those never ending meetings, boooo).

That’s because Stencil’s lightning-fast platform is built with speed and accessibility in mind.

Thanks to add-on options for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you won’t have to slow down your computer as applications load.

Stencil is used by businesses everywhere - including AppSumo (our secret’s out!) - to make stunning social media content in an instant!

Today, we're bringing you the Stencil Unlimited Plan, which includes:

Create unlimited images

2M+ royalty-free photos

1M+ icons and graphics

2K+ Google fonts

Font uploads


Keep unlimited favorites

700 templates

100 Instagram SMS/month (send images straight to your mobile device for Instagram sharing)

Since you’re part of the AppSumo Club for Very Smart, Cool, and Attractive People, lifetime access for the Stencil Unlimited Plan is yours for only $49.

That’s right — one flat payment and you’ll never worry about visually engaging social media again.

Beautify your social media today!

You probably thought Stencil was done. Not so fast.

Stencil allows you to upload and store multiple logos (perfect for agencies dealing with several brands).

You’ll also have live previews of your masterpieces (because wow, that typo could have been embarrassing).

You can even sync with your Buffer account to schedule posts for the future.

And unprofessional, blurry images are a thing of the past thanks to super-high res downloads, even at 300 dpi for print.

Handwritten flyers might be charming when the Amish grocery store does it (the real question is WHO is operating their website?!).

But your business needs engaging social media that will catch the eye of customers everywhere.

You could shell out the big bucks for a design agency just for some simple graphics.

Or maybe, just maybe...you could be the designer you’ve always needed.

Get lifetime access to Stencil now!

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