Visual Inspector


Sumo-ling, you’re oh-so-close to building the perfect website for your client.

The only thing standing in your way is the approval process.

And while constant back and forth is fun when it comes to a rap battle, it’s definitely not when you need to finalize site design or copy.

Clear up any communication confusion and make your clients happy with Visual Inspector.

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Visual Inspector lets you make direct changes and comments on live websites without coding, enhancing collaboration on design and copy.

With Visual Inspector, you can make changes directly to live websites, turning any website into your canvas.

Simply select any site element to see which properties it’s workin’ with, then change whatever isn’t working for you (I love you, old background — I’m just not in love with you).

You can directly edit copy, spacing, fonts, and colors; move that image to the left, to the left; and so much more. Design bugs, begone!

After making your changes, you’ll never have to tell your stakeholders “Imagine there’s no header, it’s easy if you try” (music and lyrics by John Lennon...ish).

Visual Inspector gets rid of the guesswork and makes it possible to showcase your exact vision with a unique URL to the edited website.

Anyone with the link will be able to comment and suggest changes without having to take screenshots, open up an image editor, or draft emails. Things just got real-time.

Comments made on Visual Inspector become tasks. Go from to-do to done in an instant.

How many times have you accidentally hit F12 and freaked out at the wall of code eating up half your screen?

Well, that’s the Inspect Element tool for ya.

But unlike Inspect Element, Visual Inspector brings accessibility to HTML, letting you pull specific design elements without looking for the needle in the codestack.

Once you’re all set on your design, you can export the CSS to your developer with just a click.

Visual Inspector even compiles all your projects into a handy, at-a-glance collection.

Visual Inspector makes web design and feedback so much easier for designers and freelance marketers.

Because you want your website to go live in this century, we’re bringing you the Visual Inspector Team Plan that lets you:

2 users

Everything included from lower tiered plans

Unlimited Scribble Projects

Single editor per project

Unlimited reviewers and collaborators

Manage accounts for entire team

Add/remove members

Get collaborating right away with lifetime access to the Visual Inspector Team Plan for just $49.

Finalize your websites today!

Access to Visual Inspector is more than enough reason to get this deal.

But the Visual Inspector team really wants to make sure you crush collaboration so it is throwing in access to Scribble.

Scribble smooths out the design and copy communication process by letting you sync artboards and projects from graphics editors directly to your browser.

Just like Visual Inspector, it’s as simple as sharing a URL, making changes and comments, and letting the art and copy take off from there.

Your brand is the future but your website is stuck in GeoCities (sick flame animation, brah).

The site transformation you’ve envisioned is halted by a sea of email threads and a mountain of source code.

Who knew deciding on a hex code could have so much red (#FF0000) tape?

Don’t let your visions be dreams. Let Visual Inspector make them reality.

Get lifetime access to Visual Inspector now!

P.S. Watch the Visual Inspector demo & walkthrough. Click here to watch the webinar replay.

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