You know that email marketing is essential for your Shopify business, but you have zero experience in that department and no budget to hire an expert.

Sure, you can spend years learning how to master email marketing, but do you really have time for that? (Answer: hard no.)

What you want is fast growth, not trial and error.

Introducing FAM, your one-click email savior.

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FAM replaces an entire email marketing team by writing, designing, and sending all your emails for your Shopify store.

FAM gives you auto-generated email content with a single click. (“Wait, really?” Yes, really.)

Custom-built for Shopify, FAM creates ready-to-send emails for your products without you needing to write or design a darn thing.

FAM also pulls your logo and fonts from your Shopify store so you can stay on-brand in all your emails.

Once FAM is done with its email wizardry, all you need to do is click “Approve” to put it into your email schedule.

FAM gives you access to proven and tested email types that are primed to generate sales for your Shopify store.

Email types include: Welcome, Product, Promo, and Instagram.

And the email party won’t stop there. FAM will continue to test and add even more! (Abandoned Cart and Blog email types are on their way out this year!)

FAM is hip to the times and knows how valuable Instagram is to Shopify.

That’s right, IG is more than just a place to keep a record of every avocado toast eaten and outfit worn.

It’s also the fastest-growing channel for Shopify stores.

And with FAM’s Instagram integration, you can pull data and generate emails to boost your following and sales.

“Ok, FAM sounds great. But are there businesses using it right now that are seeing success?”

You bet your environmentally friendly Toyota Prius, Sumo-ling.

Wink used FAM to generate and send a Labor Day sale email that scored 190 orders with $9,550.22 in revenue.

Bare Performance Nutrition created and sent an email with a CTA to a blog post, and brought in 150 orders with $10,934.49 in revenue.

And BoKU used FAM’s Instagram integration to send an email for an Instagram post which resulted in 19 orders and $2,775.54 in revenue.

Please note: There is a 5% fee for revenue generated by FAM if you exceed your selected plan's limit.

In order to get your awesome products the attention they deserve, you need solid email marketing.

And no tool makes it easier to create revenue-driving emails than FAM.

Create emails in one click and boost sales now!

P.S. Join Chief Sumo Noah Kagan for a webinar and walk-through of FAM on October 18th at 11AM CDT. Click here to register.

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