Creating a live show online is a great way to display your expertise and magnetic personality. (Not to mention show off your new kitchen remodel. “Ooh, that backsplash!”)

But producing livestreams is a lot of work just for your content to disappear after your broadcast.

What if you could set up livestreams in no time while repurposing that content like a pro?

Get ready to Be.Live.

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Be.Live is a livestreaming studio that allows you to create beautiful livestreams and repurpose them into shorter videos and podcasts.

Inviting guests to your livestream is key when you want to reach more people and add more value to the experience (especially if your guest has that highly-coveted Instagram clout).

Share your permanent guest link with trusted guests and recurring talent on your show so they can hop on quickly.

For more security, you can also generate a unique and secure guest link for every stream and share it with anyone you want to invite.

With Be.Live, you can have up to 10 guests waiting in the Staging Area and feature up to four people on screen.

Easily invite guests to your stream with a permanent guest link or get a unique, secure link for each stream.

Keeping viewers engaged can be more challenging than teaching a toddler how to sort laundry (“Gotta start ‘em early.”) But not with Be.Live.

To best illustrate your points, you’ll be able to use different types of media in your stream and share your screen to do walk-throughs.

You can also add fun elements to keep viewers interested like falling snow, a countdown timer, and sticky notes.

And the party’s not over when the livestream stops: use Be.Live to easily identify clips you can repurpose into shorter videos and podcasts with the option to publish directly to social.

Use images, videos, presentations, and more! Customize your stream to keep viewers excited along the way.

With so many livestreams out there, it can be hard to separate from the pack.

Be.Live makes it easy to add an overlay or frame that matches your brand, logo, and colors to help create a seamless viewer experience.

Include a text crawler that provides a teaser, a call-to-action, or highlights viewers’ comments to add that personal touch.

And if you really want to spice it up, you can even create a virtual background without the need for a green screen.

Catch your viewers’ attention by highlighting their comments on the screen.

You never know when the need to livestream will strike (e.g., when you have *thoughts* on the live-action Powerpuff Girls remake).

Go live anytime from anywhere with Be.Live’s mobile studio app, which offers everything you love from the platform—on the go!

With the app, you can simultaneously stream to up to five destinations and invite guests for a split-screen interview.

Customize your stream with your brand logo and colors while highlighting viewers' comments live on screen, all right from your phone.

Take advantage of everything Be.Live offers on-the-go with the mobile app!

When it comes to growing your brand, video is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must (much like branded socks and a sassy Twitter account).

Be.Live makes it simple for you to give your audience what they want with a customized livestream and comprehensive mobile app for sleek streaming anywhere.

Don’t be like all those other generic livestreams.

Get lifetime access to Be.Live today!

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