If there’s one thing we learned from that year of homemade sourdough and toilet paper shortages, it’s that remote meetings are just as complicated as in-person meetings.

Because you’re jumping back and forth between your video conference screen, your presentation window, your notes tab, and your CRM, you can barely engage with the customer.

You need a remote selling platform that lets you combine all your essential sales tools into a single browser screen.

Introducing Crikle.

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Crikle combines video meetings, customized sales guidance, and information capture to help you sell more effectively from literally anywhere.

With Crikle, you get a simplified remote selling solution that reduces admin time and boosts your productivity on one browser, so you can deliver the perfect sales meeting every single time.

Crikle makes it easy to share your content on a video call without any embarrassing snafus. (“Oops, wrong screen! I’m definitely NOT looking up Destiny’s Child videos during work haha.”)

The HD Present feature lets you present high-definition images, videos, presentations and files in seconds—without buffering, scrambling through tabs, or pixelated screenshares.

And to take it up a notch, share your meeting content with your customers at the click of a button, via an individual branded microsite.

Using Crikle’s HD Present, you can present images, videos, presentations, maps, and files in seconds!

There are many perks to remote meetings (e.g., business on top, pajamas on the bottom), but a big con is that remote meetings are often impersonal and disengaging.

Crikle helps you focus on customers and build face-to-face connections with prospective clients, instead of wasting time shuffling through endless tabs and notes.

Using the recording, time stamping, notes, and checklists features, you can effortlessly capture customer information in real-time all within the same meeting tab.

From there, you’ll be able to seamlessly sync customer data to your connected CRM, whether it’s HubSpot or Salesforce, by simply pressing a button.

Crikle’s recording, time stamping, notes, and checklists features let you capture customer information in real-time within the same meeting tab.

And because meetings are an essential component of your workday, Crikle helps you schedule meetings based on your calendar.

Your customers can schedule time to meet with you via a Crikle appointment link based on your given availability.

And you can even connect your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook account to the platform, so all invites are automatically synced to your calendar.

Say goodbye to no-shows, double bookings, and the unnecessary back-and-forth of meeting scheduling. (“When do you wanna meet?” “I don’t know, when do you wanna meet?”)

Customers can easily schedule time with you via a Crikle appointment link based on your real-time availability!

Best of all, Crikle lets you incorporate your branding on the meeting platform with white-labeling.

Add your company logo, tagline, and more to create branded notifications, personalized customer waiting rooms, and unique meeting environments.

Your customers will know they’re meeting with you, instead of another generic Zoom account.

From start to finish, Crikle makes it possible to create a unified, professional remote selling experience that sets you apart from other businesses.

Add your brand information to every aspect of your call, from your company logo to branded notifications.

To quote two-time winning salesman of the year Michael Scott, “Make friends first. Make sales second. Make love third.” (Okay, maybe ignore the last part.)

But if you’re bouncing between different screens during meetings, there’s just no way you’re going to make friends or sales with a customer.

Crikle takes the fuss out of remote sales meetings, so you can pay attention to your prospect and do what you do best: close that deal.

Get lifetime access to Crikle today!

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