Picture the last time you left a website without buying anything. (“Those matching human and dog PJs were really cute though.”)

Most times, this happens because you need more information before you purchase. And your leads are no different.

Imagine how many more sales you could close if you were able to connect directly with customers through video, voice, or text chat in less than 30 seconds.

Make it happen with GetLead.page.

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GetLead.page is a business messenger that connects website visitors directly with associates via video calls, voice calls, text chats, and contact forms.

With GetLead.page, you can give your site visitors a choice in how they’d like to communicate.

After all, not every person likes to communicate in the same way. (“I’d rather get a root canal than answer a phone call.”)

Use text chat to connect with shy visitors who have quick questions or concerns.

For chatty customers and those who don’t have time to waste, connect through voice call or video for a nice personal touch.

Video chat and type with customers at the same time on the admin panel!

You’ll get a voice alert when a new text chat arrives, so you can respond to the visitor’s query promptly.

GetLead.page lets you connect instantly with customers on video or voice call, allowing you to answer their questions and help them make the right purchasing choice. (“Ooh! Navy is your color, Gary!”)

Quickly answer visitors’ questions while they’re still on your site using side-by-side video chat and text chat at the same time.

When the customer is on your website and engages in chat, they’ll be able to see the video and text side-by-side.

The ability to review visitor conversations is essential for quality assurance and improved collaboration.

GetLead.page gives you a complete call history of when, how long, and with whom your employees have talked on the History tab.

The tool also makes it easy to collect lead information while you’re out with a customizable contact form, so you can respond when you’re back.

Access your lead details at any time from the Offline Leads tab for the chance to reach out or remarket to them. (Free donuts always work!)

No one available to chat with customers? No sweat! You can still collect their info from the contact page.

Ugly website widgets that don’t match your brand are the wet socks of browsing experiences.

To make things seamless for your visitors, GetLead.page lets you customize the appearance of the messenger to fit your branding.

Personalize your chat headers, greetings, and colors using the point-and-click Widget Creator.

You’ll also be able to personalize your contact forms to collect the lead information you need when you’re away from the chat.

Modify the colors and headings on the widget creator to make sure it matches your branding!

Text chat is great and everything, but you know what’s even better? Added options for voice and video chat! (There are just too many ways to interpret “lol” via text.)

GetLead.page opens up the channels of communication with your team, so you can help visitors in real-time while they’re on your site.

Get lifetime access to GetLead.page today!

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