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Just like your credit card activity, your business data needs to be monitored constantly (I spent $100+ at Applebee’s, again?!).

But keeping an eye on all your KPIs and potential data anomalies can get hectic—especially when you’re managing multiple clients.

It’s time to X out of all the countless browser tabs and start fresh.

Introducing Jepto, your digital marketing assistant.

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Jepto is a digital assistant that uses machine learning to spot anomalies, get insights and forecasts, and automate repetitive data-monitoring tasks.

Jepto uses machine learning to give you forecasts of performance based on your KPIs, ad budget, and website performance.

You’ll get a top level view of all your clients’ activity in one place and minimize time spent on manual tasks like data governance, performance analysis, and keyword research.

To get started, connect any Google account (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Search Console, etc.), add your first client by name and the domain you want to track, and hit the ground running.

Create your first KPI and connect it with your Google Analytics account to track how your websites are performing.

Add all your client accounts for an at-a-glance view of their performance in one place.

Adjust your KPI tracking by weekly or monthly views and whether you want to measure percent change or against a specific target.

When you create a KPI, Jepto pulls data from the last three periods to see how you performed against your target in the past, and updates the forecast every hour.

You’ll stay on track and see how you performed against your goal.

Predictive analytics help you make important decisions about adjusting campaigns and tactics in real-time—not after you’ve missed your target.

Leverage machine learning and predictions to monitor your KPIs without any stress.

Running ads for your business or clients? Use Jepto’s budget feature to predict and track ad spend for each of your campaigns with your Google Ads account.

Just pick your campaigns and set your budget amount.

Jepto lets you automatically calculate rollover ad spend to avoid going over budget.

Monitor your ad performance, set thresholds, and automate rollover tracking.

Jepto’s anomaly detection feature helps you spot shifts or problem areas with your accounts early, so you can recognize any issues right away.

Think of it as a low balance warning from your bank (...not that any of us have ever gotten one of those).

Select the metric you want to monitor—along with preferred settings and level of sensitivity—and get email or Slack alerts about positive and/or negative changes.

For every area Jepto analyzes, you can create custom reminder alerts—it’s like Neville Longbottom’s Remembrall, but for data!

See all your key insights in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Unlike other tools, Jepto doesn’t stop at monitoring data.

If you’re doing the same repetitive tasks every month, Jepto is a game-changer.

Jepto’s automation job feature manages most mundane tasks, removes human error, and streamlines your process. Plus, it connects with Zapier and Slack for easy integration.

Run Organic Keyword movement checks, conduct technical site audits, and set up customizable schedules for your reports.

Want to monitor your online reputation? Create a workflow for Google reviews below a certain star rating, so you can respond to any unhappy customers right away.

Best of all, Jepto can handle thousands of automation jobs so you can scale with confidence.

The automation job feature puts data governance, keyword research, and other manual tasks on autopilot!

To track your KPIs, predict ad spend, and monitor anomalies, you’ve been switching between dozens of tabs and spreadsheets (♫ Everyday I’m shufflin’♫).

Why work for your data when you can put your data to work?

Treat yourself to a smart digital assistant that tracks and automates everything.

Get lifetime access to Jepto today!

P.S. Join us for a webinar and walk-through of Jepto on May 7th at 4:00 PM CDT. Click here to register.

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