If you plan a great event and no one shows up, did it really happen? (#MySuperNotSweet16)

Live events during this time face severe limitations when it comes to attendees, not to mention high ticket fees that cut into your bottom line.

What if you could put that money back into your pockets and use just one virtual-capable platform to ticket, market, and stream your next big event?

Introducing PromoTix.

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PromoTix is an event ticketing platform that helps event organizers grow their bottom line through fee-free ticketing, marketing tools, livestreaming, and more.

With PromoTix, you’ll never have to pay a ticket service fee again and never pass one on to your attendees.

Say goodbye to those pesky surcharges that ruin any initial excitement about an event.

As an event organizer, you can start collecting 100% of what your attendee pays to attend your event, boosting your budget for important things like marketing (and branded foam fingers).

Create tickets without paying a service fee or passing the fee along to your attendees.

A dedicated mobile app ensures a more enjoyable and convenient experience for attendees. (Especially when their computers are aaaaall the way over there.)

With PromoTix, you can build a custom, branded mobile app for your event on iPhone and Android without any development experience.

Use your app to sell tickets, announce event schedules, upload maps, and more!

You can even send push notifications to inform attendees of when tickets go on sale, helping you increase overall ticket sales.

Build a custom mobile app for your event for Android or iPhone without the need for developers!

PromoTix makes it easy to create a livestream broadcast or video on demand for ticketed events in standard definition, HD, or 4K.

Monetize your event by selling tickets to the livestream with virtual front gates to ensure that only those with tickets can enter.

Don’t worry about hiring a bouncer, either. Unique ticket IDs prevent URLs from being shared with non-ticket holders.

The platform offers ultra-low latency livestreaming, so you can get your signal around the world and back in just seconds.

Start a livestream broadcast or video on demand event that’s private and ticketed for audiences across the world.

Establish street team ambassador programs directly in PromoTix where you can automatically assign marketing tasks, track activity, and reward hundreds of team members.

You’ll be able to recruit from PromoTix’s database of ambassadors who are already working for other event creators or squad up by adding your own team.

Track posters, flyers, and social media posts to see your street team marketing in action!

You can have your ambassadors sell tickets for you directly to friends with their own mobile point of sale.

Create your own ambassador program where you can assign tasks, track progress, and reward members.

Now it’s time to cash in on the FOMO!

PromoTix lets you launch beautiful pre-sale registration pages to start generating hype and marketing for your events before tickets go on sale.

Create a waiting list of ticket buyers to ensure that your on-sale announcements are received by those who are ready to buy. (And because waitlists make your event feel extra fancy.)

From there, you can make events go viral by incentivizing your fans to share your event and invite their friends.

Create dazzling pre-sale registration pages that include incentives for fans who share and invite friends!

That groan that escapes your body when you have to pay ticketing fees is all too familiar for event organizers and attendees alike. (“Who is this ‘convenience fee’ convenient for?!”)

Never pay another ticketing fee again with an applause-worthy platform that makes ticketing and marketing for your event a smooth ride.

With livestream and mobile app capabilities, PromoTix helps you create the best possible experience for attendees that’ll make them want to come back again and again.

Get lifetime access to PromoTix today!

P.S. Learn how to use PromoTix like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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