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If you’re a novice in the online marketing space, you might feel as lost as an 8 year old who just got dropped off at a strip mall for their first karate lesson. (“Welcome, students. I am Sensei Howard.”)

With all the tools out there, it can be overwhelming figuring out which ones you actually need.

Roundhouse kick your marketing doubts with one digital marketing toolbox that handles everything from email campaigns to landing pages.

Introducing Sendinblue.

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Sendinblue allows you to create beautiful email campaigns, custom landing pages, signup forms, automated workflows, transactional messaging, CRM, and more.

With Sendinblue, building a perfect email campaign that captures the attention of your audience doesn’t have to take weeks.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Just drag and drop content into a pre-designed template and wow your audience.

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Sendinblue puts beauty in the eye of anyone who beholds an email from your business. (“If you were words on a page, you’d be fine print.”)

Plus, you can keep track of all your campaigns in the organized dashboard, which provides valuable insights about your marketing channels.

Gain valuable insights and manage your marketing channels in the campaign dashboard.

How can you make sure your audience is effectively engaged? You can either put a ring on them, or simply use smart segmentation.

The feature targets smaller subsets of your contacts and aligns your content with exactly what appeals to them, helping you learn about your audience.

You can also schedule campaigns to go out at specific times and use the “best time” feature to align with each recipient’s available time.

By sending out custom communications at carefully curated times, you’ll optimize your audience reach and grow your customer base quicker than the guest list at your cousin’s Greek wedding.

Schedule campaigns at your time of choice or use the “best time” feature which optimizes for each recipient’s open time.

Like wine and whiskey, your marketing campaign can get better with age.

Sendinblue continually and automatically refines and improves your campaigns as it collects more information about your customers’ online actions.

Sendinblue’s CRM tool helps you get to know your contacts and prospective customers, so you can build more meaningful relationships and increase conversions.

You’ll even be able to automate repetitive tasks to reach the right person at the right time. Who said the robot uprising was all bad?

Easily manage your contact list with Sendinblue’s powerful CRM tool.

A perfect landing feels great (just ask Simone Biles)—but a perfect landing page feels even better.

Sendinblue lets you create a stunning landing page without writing a line of code using attractive templates, or design your own for a more targeted visitor experience.

Once visitors have landed on your website, you’ll be able to connect with your audience using personalized chat.

Get ready to match your page to your awesome brand and make a great first impression—without hiring a designer or engineer.

Chat with visitors and add a personal touch by choosing your name and photo.

Sometimes your marketing campaign gets stalled on the side of the road.

Sendinblue is the friendly neighbor who shows up with jumper cables at 2 a.m. ("you’re a real one, Nancy"), so you can leave the marketing blues behind.

Automate repetitive tasks, create captivating email campaigns, design stunning landing pages, and catapult your business into success.

Get one year of access to Sendinblue today!

P.S. Want to pay just a one-time fee for lifetime access? Check out the lifetime deal for Sendinblue!

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