Navigating customer feedback can feel like a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese: overwhelming and chaotic. (“Tommy, stop throwing pepperonis at your sister!”)

You need a simple way to make sense of user responses, so you can learn how to best improve your product or service.

What if there was a feedback solution that organized user feedback, measured customer satisfaction trends, and allowed you to send out notifications to keep everyone up to date?

Meet Sleekplan.

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Sleekplan is an all-in-one feedback tool that organizes user requests and brings feature voting boards, roadmaps, changelogs, and CSAT surveys to your website.

Customer suggestions help improve your product or service, but if they’re flying in unfiltered, it’s hard to determine which ones are actually relevant.

Sleekplan organizes responses by creating advanced user profiles that are categorized in buckets.

It sorts and segments based on details such as country of origin, language, and free or paid customer. You can select from predefined fields or create your own.

Stay in-the-know with a segmentable and sortable feedback list!

Want to make more productive business decisions rather than wasting time on pointless tasks?

Sleekplan’s feature voting board calculates an impact score for each feedback item, so you can prioritize what to build or improve next.

As you refine your product or service, send out roadmaps and changelogs to announce new features, fresh content, bug fixes, or updates at a scheduled time of your choice.

You can even include an optional call-to-action link in your communications, directing users to a desired location.

Keep everyone in the loop with scheduled announcements!

With Sleekplan’s customer satisfaction dashboard, you’ll stay informed on key performance indicators and satisfaction measures that are critical to your business.

Choose whether users leave feedback anonymously, by email or make use of the single sign-on feature. They can also instantly express how they feel with fun reaction buttons.

Got duplicate requests? Merge similar posts into a single entry.

Plus, if you’re getting feedback from other channels, Sleekplan integrates with your favorite tools like Github, Slack, Zapier, Shopify, and more.

Gain data insights into your customer satisfaction that help you measure your success!

Sleekplan makes incorporating a feedback loop easy with four modules to select from based on your needs: Feature voting board, Roadmap, Changelog, and CSAT.

If you want everything all in one place, opt for the in-product widget that embeds directly in your web app or website.

Or, create a standalone web page with a personalized domain, password protection, customizable appearance, and SEO optimization.

Whichever option you choose, Sleekplan makes it elegant and effective.

Make it easy for users to give feedback with an embeddable widget or a standalone page!

Customer feedback can be a beautiful thing. But packaged the wrong way, it can cause nausea, upset stomach, heartburn, and on occasion, weeping into a throw pillow.

Keep your sanity intact with the solution that covers the entire feedback loop.

Sleekplan makes capturing initial requests, sending out communications, and everything in between, well, sleek.

Get lifetime access to Sleekplan today!

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