Social Media Manager School


Social media strategies and best practices change more often than Instagram influencers change outfits. (“I packed six different looks for this hour-long hike.”)

Inside of your usual work responsibilities, new social features pop up left and right and make it impossible to keep up.

Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring social media manager, excelling in the industry means having access to quality, up-to-date online training.

That’s why there’s Social Media Manager School, powered by Agorapulse.

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Social Media Manager School offers comprehensive training and certification for social media managers.

With over 100 hours of online training content from top experts in the social media industry, Social Media Manager School comes packed with information and takeaways.

Use the simple dashboard with search capabilities to find relevant lessons or just view the course content in the suggested order.

Search trainings organized by platform, content, and strategy type while getting access to actionable, downloadable resources and business building modules.

Whether you decide to give up true crime docs for a week and binge-train your way through the videos or take it slow, you can track your progress on the dashboard.

Use the simple dashboard to track your progress toward completing over 100 hours of training content from social media pros.

As social media changes, Social Media Manager School adapts with new material.

No matter what stage of your social media journey you’re on, you can get the training you need to stay current with the latest social trends and features.

Learn how to get started with Live Streaming or get better at digging into the metrics to make key strategic decisions for your live videos.

Don’t see the training you need? Send your suggestions for new lessons to Social Media Manager School.

Get content for every stage of your journey as a social media manager, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional.

The team at Social Media Manager is all about giving you the answers to your most pressing questions (...about social media marketing, not The Bachelor).

Join live webinars to dive deep on trending topics and get your questions answered in real-time.

You’ll learn topics like how to turn your Instagram into a lead gen engine and what best practices are for social listening.

Can’t join the webinars live? (Or have better plans?) You can catch the replays on-demand to get all the knowledge on your own time.

Check out free live webinars on trending topics to boost your social media lead generation skills!

Have you always wanted to be part of a VIP community? (Bouncer and velvet rope not included.)

With Social Media Manager School, you get more than just on-demand education. You also get to join a private Facebook group for you to connect, collaborate, and share your ideas.

You’ll meet people who have built agencies, solopreneurs, brand marketers, and side hustlers from all over the world.

Ask any questions you have, join the live office hours, download additional educational content, and network with your fellow members.

Get access to a private Facebook group for additional educational content and live office hours.

Keeping up with social media strategies is harder than keeping up with TikTok dance challenges. (“My joints pop and lock a different way now.”)

Luckily, Social Media Manager School has you covered with over 100 comprehensive trainings to help social media managers of all levels improve conversions and ROI.

So don’t miss the bus on this one.

Get lifetime access to Social Media Manager School today!

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