The internet is a wild and wonderful place, so of course you want to save everything you find. (“This one-pan salmon recipe is for when I’m busy and this Zillow listing is for when I’m rich.”)

But sifting through screenshots, tabs, notes apps, folders, and cloud storage to find that thing you saved a week ago is enough to drive anyone bananas.

What if you could manage all the things you save from the internet in one easily searchable place?

Swipe right on Swipebucket.

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Swipebucket is an online tool that allows you to swipe, save, and organize articles, ads, videos, recipes and more—all in one central location.

Want to swipe, store, and organize everything you save from the internet like screenshots, videos, articles, ads, and more?

With Swipebucket, you can save all the things you like in one place and keep them organized, letting you find what you need—when you need it.

To get started, click the Swipebucket icon that shows up next to the item you want to swipe on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, your web browser, and more.

Before you “swipe it,” you can choose the bucket (or category), add tags, and write notes to give yourself some context for later.

Save content from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and more to the right category, with added notes for easy finding.

Not only can you save the internet with Swipebucket, but you can then organize everything you’ve saved for easy access later.

Sort your content with buckets, sub-buckets, tags, and starred items, so that there’s no mystery when you try to find that funny video clip or helpful article you saved two weeks ago.

Swipebucket also lets you add and manage team members. Collaborate on swipes by sharing buckets, sub-buckets, and Swipe cards as well as commenting on items in the Swipebucket chat.

Invite team members and collaborate by commenting or sharing ideas in the Swipebucket chat for quick collaboration!

If you’re an avid reader and want to revisit your highlights and notes from Kindle, you can transfer them right into Swipebucket for easy access later.

Import all your Kindle book highlights and notes to their own buckets, each containing their own notes.

You’ll be able to edit and share the Swipe cards and organize them by color for easy access when you need them.

These highlights and notes can also be included in your daily email reminder.

You can even save your Kindle highlights to come back to later for information or inspiration!

When you’re eagerly saving things you find online, it’s easy to forget what you’ve swiped.

That’s where Swipebucket’s daily email reminder comes in. This email reminds you of items you’ve saved—even those you saved long ago.

You’ll receive an email each day with two parts: the first one reminds you of swiped items, and the second contains Kindle highlights and notes.

With these reminders, you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration when you need it!

Get a daily email reminder with details about what you’ve swiped!

Clear all the screenshots from your desktop and delete those browser folders filled with articles you forgot to read. (“Definitely gonna circle back to this economic think piece from 2013…”)

Swipebucket is swooping in to save the day—or least the internet—by giving you one place to house all the things you love from your online adventures.

Get lifetime access to Swipebucket today!

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