Without proper guidance and communication, new product changes can leave users feeling as lost as your mom during Lord of the Rings (“…when does Dumbledore show up?”).

But creating in-app help guides and promos can mean wasting time and burning through resources.

Not anymore. Build your own versatile in-app messaging campaigns with Tooltip.

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Tooltip is an in-app messaging suite that helps you onboard new users, educate customers, and run in-product marketing.

If fielding the same questions from your site visitors leaves you insane in the membrane, you're going to love Tooltip.

With Tooltip’s visual editor for Google Chrome, you can create multiple in-app messaging campaigns to address your users at the perfect time with the best medium on an unlimited number of domains.

Tooltip lets you set triggers based on a user’s behavior, like, first log in, whether they’ve clicked on something, shown interest, or been on the fence.

So, for example, when a user first logs in, you can have Tooltip show them around your site and get them comfortable (#southernhospitality).

From there, you can give your visitors a nudge in the right direction.

All it takes is combining a trigger with the appropriate audience and you’ve got a match made in heaven for the best impact and most engaging visitor experience.

Tooltip comes with an amazing toolbox of ways to engage.

Pop-ups announce your big news loud and clear while notifications suggest promoted content and targeted special offers without getting in the way.

Present on-page promotional campaigns with the page bar or go subtle with banners that advertise new offerings and give out coupons.

Plus, with slideouts, containers, hotspots, and widgets, there’s no end to the ways you can communicate with your visitors.

Whether you’re launching a new feature or running a promo, Tooltip lets you schedule your campaigns ahead of time, so your users can access the help and information they need as soon as it's live.

Your product has a unique aesthetic and Tooltip can match it or help you stand out with a hot new look.

Customize the look and feel of your messaging to match your product design.

Tooltip also lets you link campaigns, pages, and your product back-end to deliver awesome in-product experiences, redirect to other pages, or execute code.

Using the Tooltip Google Chrome extension, campaigns can be customized, previewed, and published right within your browser. One flip of a switch and boom, you’re live.

Install Tooltip on your website instantly via Google Tag Manager or a quick copy-and-paste.

Finally, Tooltip gives you the analytics to track engagement and analyze the performance of your messaging campaigns with real-time accuracy.

Product managers and marketers use to onboard users effectively and keep them in the know.

With Tooltip, anyone can quickly and easily create complete in-app messaging campaigns.

And unlike the competition, it’s fast, user-friendly, and pain-free.

Maybe you just can’t get *~on board~* with oat milk, mom jeans, or “Old Town Road.”

At least you can onboard your users with ease thanks to Tooltip.

Get lifetime access now!

P.S. Learn how to use Tooltip like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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