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When it comes to team communication, there’s always someone out of the loop. (“Tim, why would Casual Friday be on Tuesday?”)

Having scattered chat channels, email threads, and video check-ins doesn’t always mean you’re in touch with your team.

Introducing a comprehensive messaging tool that simplifies internal communication for your business and guarantees everyone’s on the same page.

Say hello to Troop Messenger.

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Troop Messenger is a user-friendly unified messaging platform, designed to enable team collaboration for businesses of all sizes.

Troop Messenger brings together teams, work, tools, and clients with a single interface that accelerates work conversation and encourages team collaboration.

Thanks to the messaging facilities, your team can receive work updates and share work files through a direct message, within groups and shared spaces.

And if you wanna give your fingers a typing break, you can also record and send audio messages.

The advanced data filters function allows you to filter messages based on a variety of categories, including images, videos, text files, locations, URLs, read receipt tagged messages, flagged messages, and messages to respond to later.

Never get lost in an ocean of messages again! Easily filter through messages, based on type of message and message content.

Because two heads are better than one, Troop Messenger’s interface allows users to create unlimited group messages and add unlimited members.

So all your team members can connect and share their ideas, from new business propositions to ranking the Harry Potter books (obviously, Prisoner of Azkaban is #1).

Plus, Troop Messenger knows there are those messages that you’re gonna share with everyone (“Just baked my first successful sourdough!”).

That’s why the Forkout feature allows you to send a message or attachment to multiple individual participants or to multiple groups, at a single point in time.

Create unlimited group messages with unlimited members, so there’s no limit on team communication!

When messaging isn’t enough, Troop Messenger’s calling and conferencing function offers high quality voice-video calls and face-to-face video conferences.

No more wasted time looking for a Zoom invitation in your inbox.

Troop Messenger’s Video Conferencing function, aka Cattle Call, supports a wide range of meetings and allows you to add unlimited participants before or during a meeting.

With Cattle Call, you can give video access to a maximum of six participants, while other members listen to the meeting’s audio.

Initiate high-quality conference calls directly from the Troop Messenger platform via desktop, web, Android, and iOS.

Troop Messenger also lets you share your screen with a remote team member and access the contents of their screen.

Best of all? You can initiate an audio or video call while screen sharing.

Screen Share lets you show anything from documents to presentations to videos.

Meanwhile, your recipients can see as you type, select items, and perform other tasks on your screen.

Let team members see exactly what’s happening on the presenter’s desktop screen.

Troop Messenger understands how important data security is to your business and provides three-levels of enterprise-grade security.

You can rest easy knowing your conversations and networks are secure with end-to-end encryption and Active Directory/LDAP integration.

Whether you’re a tech start-up or a titan NGO, Troop Messenger ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice team collaboration for secure communication.

Troop Messenger provides end-to-end encryption and three-levels of enterprise-grade security for your conversations and networks.

Hopping from platform to platform works for the Mario Brothers, not your team.

If you’re using different tools to chat with, email, and call your team members, you’re definitely doing the most.

Troop Messenger helps your team stay connected and on task, so you can focus on your business, not your messages.

Get lifetime access to Troop Messenger today!

P.S. Learn how to use Troop Messenger like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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