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All business owners have the same goal in mind: Get traffic fast.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take the guesswork out of SEO and receive a roadmap that takes you straight to the top of Google?

Well, now there’s an AI-powered tool that does exactly that.

Introducing Alli AI.

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Alli AI helps you optimize your site, build backlinks, scale your outreach, and get more traffic fast.

To get started with Alli AI, simply enter your URL and wait a few seconds while AI analyzes your site’s data.

The result? A crystal clear roadmap for how to get the most traffic at lightning-fast speeds.

Alli AI analyzes your keywords to find the keyword that will get you the most traffic ASAP.

Alli AI measures a number of metrics, like search volume (to estimate the monthly revenue for each keyword), visitor value, click-through-rate, trends, and more!

Then, Alli AI provides you with a task list on which links to build and how to optimize your code and content. All tasks are ranked by what will make you the most profit (dollar, dollar bill, y’all).

Alli AI makes this process as painless and simple as possible by breaking down exactly what steps you should take to implement the changes.

Easy as 1, 2, 3… literally.

On-Page Optimizations are ways to upgrade your code and content.

After scanning your site’s HTML, canonical URLs, and schema markups, Alli AI recommends keywords that can be added to your meta descriptions.

Alli AI also uses On-Site Optimizations, which alerts you of glitches affecting your entire site, like server changes and Javascript errors.

Check ‘em off as you make the fixes. Done and done ✅

Alli AI knows how important links are to your business, so they’ve developed three algorithms to find links for you.

Outreach Links direct you to forums, blogs, and common discussion sites like Reddit where conversations are happening around your niche. Alli AI will also examine your niche to find guest post and contributor link opportunities. (The Outreach link algorithm is a fan favorite!)

Read through the article or discussion, add a comment that shows off your knowledge and expertise, and link back to your site — Alli AI will even warn you that a link might result in your comment being deleted!

Brand Links are the most common links on the internet’s biggest sites, and Alli AI lets you know which links are most likely to benefit your company—complete with tips on how to get them.

Otherwise known as The Bread and Butter of Alli AI, Niche Links make your website powerful and relevant to Google.

If you're not hip to the times (we don't blame you, we just learned who Jordyn Woods is) these are the most common backlinks in your niche based on your focus keyword.

Alli AI searches your common competitors, compares their backlinks, and analyzes the likelihood of your site getting those links. Alli AI will also let you know the most common ways to get the link, plus reveals how your competitors got it.

Analysis is great, but the businesses that thrive are the ones that take action.

Let Alli AI tell you exactly what moves to make to beat the competition.

Get lifetime access now!

P.S. Learn how to use Alli AI like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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