Trying to get a customer service question answered can feel a lot like using self-checkout at the grocery store: way more confusing than necessary. (“What ‘unexpected item’?! Stop beeping!”)

Untimely or insufficient customer service is frustrating and has the potential to drive great leads away.

What if your self-use customer service was just a little smarter? Turns out it can be.

Do automated service right with Botsify.

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Botsify is an omnichannel chatbot designed to automate customer service and improve responsiveness for better retention.

Welcome to Botsify, the AI chatbot solution that makes customer service way easier.

This fully-customizable virtual assistant helps you handle omnichannel user inquiries and might even be more lovable than WALL-E.

From questions about products to handling customer connections, you can automate all support and FAQs.

If improving leads, retention, and relationships are on your business’ bucket list, Botsify is the app for you.

Build out multi-step conversational chat flows for your bot complete with alternate replies.

Botsify’s AI chatbot can supply customer service via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Slack, and websites.

WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify sites and stores can also leverage the power of Botsify’s chatbots with plugin and API integration.

It detects when select keywords are used to trigger specific responses with optional alternates to give customers the answers they need.

Like a State Farm Good Neighbor, Botsify is there to take customers to external web links or trigger another chat flow when extra help is needed.

Conversational forms collect basic user information for analytical purposes.

The app’s “stories,” or natural reply flows, are replies driven by genuine human responses. (Small talk about the weather not included.)

Use conversations to collect user data, such as emails, contacts, gender, location, and more for future targeting and analytics.

Botsify helps you and the chatbot learn about key audiences and their FAQs simultaneously—win-win.

Send images and multimedia to your users or prompt an action!

The chatbot can send multimedia responses to meet any customer service challenge—like the judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race, we can’t help but ask, “What can’t she do?”

Botsify’s easy-to-use interface for conversational forms also provides the opportunity to improve sales via call-to-action functionality.

Got abandoned carts? Automate email follow-ups to bring customers back without sending hundreds of individual messages.

Train your chatbot for better conversations next time using unknown questions and phrases.

Having the ability to talk to users in real-time is a must—whether that’s day, night, or that weird time around 2 p.m. when you really want to nap during the work day.

Botsify can suggest products or fetch info from the CRM at hyper-fast speeds.

For those tougher inquiries, customers can be directly connected to service reps while untrained questions are sent to the training queue.

The bot’s learning logs allow you to train the AI on unanswered chat flows, meaning this chatbot has a B.S. in Communications—and no BS communication.

See on-going chats and talk to your users live to provide additional human support.

As your business grows, the needs of your customers can have you feeling like the parents in Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Let Botsify do the hard work for you and help improve company reliability and responsiveness. (Maybe Botsify’s AI even wrote this. Haha, just kidding...unless?)

With advanced NLP technology, handling inquiries in a fast and down-to-earth manner has never been easier.

Get lifetime access to Botsify today!

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