Not every robot is as helpful as your Roomba. (Your dog may argue that even that one is sinister.)

Many bots are built solely to harm your business by impersonating human customers on your site, launching attacks, taking up valuable bandwidth, and consuming your web traffic.

But what if you could analyze your website in real-time for potential risks to protect your business from these threats?

Meet your digital bodyguard, CloudFilt.

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CloudFilt provides full protection for your websites, web apps, and APIs to stop harmful bots in their tracks.

Most things are better in real-time. (Except those live TV commercials you can’t fast-forward.)

Website security is one of those things.

With CloudFilt, you get real-time analysis of your website, API, or web application while preventing bad bots from sneaking onto your site.

The tool detects bots by identifying tor traffic, web scraping, spam submissions, and other indicators of malicious activity.

See the full report of a web scraping to identify malicious activity on your site!

If only detecting bad bots on your own was as easy as detecting your boss’s moods. (“They haven't had lunch all day—lay low.”)

Thankfully, CloudFilt uses AI to determine what to look for when monitoring your site for bots, letting you configure your filter settings depending on what you want to monitor.

Get the IP address, URL, and hostname of every visitor over the last 7 days for a detailed look at your site traffic.

Get the IP address, URL, and hostname of every visitor over the last seven days.

Access a global view of all your web security data on the CloudFilt dashboard.

You can see how many users are on your site, how many of those visitors are malicious, and how many malicious bots were stopped over time.

CloudFilt also allows you to create a whitelist of IP addresses to only allow trusted users on your site. (“You can let through. They're cool.”)

Get a bird’s eye view of all your information on CloudFilt’s clean dashboard!

Bots beware, CloudFilt is on a mission.

You can access detailed reports of all bots detected on your website, including how many were denied or allowed.

On the reports, you’ll see the type of bot, date and time, and type of action configured, giving you a comprehensive overview of bot traffic on your site.

Access a detailed report of all bots detected, including the type of bot, date, time, and type of action configured.

CloudFilt also plays nice with your favorite web tools and builders.

Integrate CloudFilt with WordPress or Magneto through plug-ins to make sure that your site is protected.

Need help? Get free support any time, day or night, for assistance with any requests!

Integrate with your favorite tools through plug-ins for extended and full protection of your site!

Much like Austin Powers, you don’t always have an easy time telling who’s really human. (“It really broke my heart when she turned out to be a robot.”)

CloudFilt helps you keep your site safe by detecting and blocking malicious bot behavior in real-time.

When you can ID and block bad bots from accessing your site, you’ll eliminate fake visitors and get a better view of your customer behavior!

Get lifetime access to CloudFilt today!

P.S. Learn how to use CloudFilt like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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