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Building quality presentations from scratch is like getting your cat to stop scratching the curtains—it’s usually best left to the experts. (“Can I call Jackson Galaxy if PowerPoint doesn’t behave?”)

But without professional designers on call and only boring, default templates at your disposal, consistently making unique slideshows that wow your audiences is a tall order.

Ready to create world-class presentations using better template designs?

Meet Premast.

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Premast provides templated solutions to help you create master presentation designs, complete with branded content.

Premast is your singular source for accessing thousands of high-quality presentation templates designed for any professional field.

Each versatile template is fully customizable, and you can add graphics, icons, images, GIFs, and so much more for stunning presentations.

You’ll even be able to create shareable folders with cloud storage to synchronize designs across team members for seamless collaboration.

Access hundreds of templates organized by purposes specific to various professional fields.

Premast is designed for branding, and the built-in brand kit tool saves you more time than skipping the final season of Game of Thrones. (Trust us: just stop at seven.)

Unlimited brand kits allow you to manage, utilize, and share brand assets throughout a company or team—especially helpful for agencies making decks on behalf of clients.

You can access company logos, colors, fonts, and images from within the brand kit folder—almost like a digital style guide.

Plus, the ability to share kits among invited team members through granted permissions is perfect for cohesive creation.

Unify presentations through brand kits that you can share with your team.

Premast offers a 10 GB cloud-based storage system, so you can have more accessible files than you do users on your Netflix account. (“Which one of my exes just watched Emily in Paris?”)

Create as many cloud collection folders as you need to keep track of assets and access them from within presentation softwares.

You can even collaborate with team members to create collections that have input from multiple departments, teams, or creators.

Upload files into cloud-based storage for handy access, sharing, and collaboration of brand content.

You’ll be able to implement Premast’s ready-made templates into multiple presentation mediums, whether it’s PowerPoint, Google Slides, or interpretative dance numbers.

Templates are organized by category to fit your many styles and uses, and you can choose from among mockups, social media layouts, and more.

The platform is always keeping up with market needs to accommodate new design trends, ensuring your brand can even out-fashion Harry Styles.

Personalize and take full ownership of presentations specific to professional fields, such as business, medical, marketing, education, sports, lifestyle, and more.

Access the asset library of visual content from within presentation programs.

Creating presentations doesn’t need to be as difficult as pulling teeth. (And 4 out of 5 dentists recommend using a presentation plugin for top-tier decks.)

With pro templates and organized assets on your side, you can bring dazzling branded presentations to life in just minutes.

Stop struggling with limited default templates.

Get lifetime access to Premast today!

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