Every company needs a high-performing website.

And boy-oh-boy, does WordPress deliver. Plugins, themes, add-ons—what’s not to love?

Maybe those pesky slow load times, difficult set up, and all that time wasted on maintenance. (Wait, where were we going with this?)

What you need is hassle-free hosting that delivers speed, scalability, and security for your website.

You need TrulyWP.

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TrulyWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform that delivers lightning-fast load times, premium tools, and rewarding revenue opportunities.

TrulyWP frees up your time (and hands), so you can do more of what you love, and none of what you hate, like managing plugins and updates and PHP versions and it never ends...

Already have a stunning site you love? Congrats.

TrulyWP isn’t here to take that away. It’s here to make it better and faster.

First, easily migrate your WordPress site to TrulyWP’s speedy hosting powered by Google Cloud’s Compute-Optimized VMs (C2)—aka the most powerful and fastest infrastructure available on the market right now.

Then, sit back and enjoy the results of fast load times and improved security with automatic updates, regular hack/malware scanning, bot protection and more. Yup, it’s that easy.

Quick and easy migrations from your old host with dedicated and exclusive access to Google’s cloud resources.

You know how it goes. One minute your site is up and running, and the next, it’s the White Screen of Death.

With TrulyWP, you can back up every version of your site on a schedule or at the touch of a button. You know, just to be extra sure.

View and restore files as needed. And no pressure, there’s no cap on backup size.

Peace of mind that is priceless.

Rest easy knowing your site is always backed up, and you can restore versions as needed.

Thanks to TrulyWP’s built-in device-aware optimization, all images are automatically optimized in real-time for speed and resolution.

Forget wasting time uploading, optimizing, and integrating images or storing multiple copies of the same image in different sizes.

Get unlimited access to image optimization for even faster load times.

Unlock the true value of TrulyWP’s flexible hosting with customized plans that let you pay for what you use and not a penny more.

Spin up discounted custom plans and pay for right-sized website hosting that matches your site’s purpose. No strings attached or rigid commitments to fixed plans that waste money and resources.

And it doesn’t stop there...

Pay for what you use and nothing more with custom discounted plans.

They say money can’t buy happiness. We say, wait until you hear about TrulyWP’s commission structure.

Earn every time you refer a customer, choose between a 200% one-time payout or a 10% recurring lifetime commission.

Or resell TrulyWP’s hosting and individual features, like backups and CDN, to your customers (at any markup).

Your cash, your call.

Refer and resell to make extra cash or add to your own plan to unlock more value.

Your website is your baby.

But between setting it up and managing it, you’re wasting precious time that could be spent growing your business and generating additional revenue.

There’s a better and faster way to do it—and you know it’s true.

Get access to TrulyWP now!

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