Working with a limited marketing budget can feel like trying to MacGyver your way into success. (If only you could create winning social campaigns with two paperclips and a stick of gum.)

But when you make marketing decisions based on data-driven insights, you’re able to get more out of your budget—no matter how limited it may be.

Ready to capture and track data in a meaningful way, so you can run your marketing campaigns like a pro?

Enter Funnelll.

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Funnelll helps you maximize your marketing campaigns by leveraging meaningful actions customers take on your website—no code or complex integrations needed.

Funnelll makes it possible to spend your marketing dollars more effectively by allowing you to track customer actions on your website.

You’ll be able to use this data to teach your ad platforms how to send you high-quality leads.

With Funnelll automatically detecting your website platform, you can set up tracking directly on your website in one step—no coding necessary!

Use the simple point-and-click tool to choose the elements you want to track, such as when customers reach a certain page like checkout or click on an element like add to cart.

Set up tracking directly on your website, and choose which elements to track with point-and-click functionality!

Got a Shopify site? Awesome!

You can install Funnelll on Shopify in just one step and start tracking conversions in no time.

Funnelll integrates with WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Google Tag Manager, and other web platforms.

In just one step, you can set up Funnelll on your Shopify site to start tracking visitor actions.

Funnelll also makes it easy to set up tracking across your marketing stack in just a couple of clicks.

Swipe to install the top marketing and analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Twitter Advertising, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Slack, Stripe, and more.

You’ll be able to go through setup once and replicate tracking across channels, so they’re all using the same version of data to optimize and report on your campaigns.

Replicate tracking across marketing and analytics platforms to standardize your marketing data!

Sometimes marketing analytics dashboards can be more complex than the problem they’re solving. (Just like those “5-minute” craft videos on YouTube.)

But with Funnelll, you can organize your data around the customer journey, from landing on your website all the way through checkout.

With easy-to-read dashboards, you can identify your bottlenecks and determine which marketing activities are actually driving sales.

Organize the data in your dashboard around the customer journey to get more valuable insights on sales-driving marketing activities.

Your team is a vital part of your process. (Unless you’re trying to break the world record for most consecutive games of Solitaire.)

Invite team members to join Funnelll through email invite, so your entire team has visibility around the data that’s powering your optimized marketing strategy.

Manage your team’s access, roles, and permissions to ensure each person can access the data they need.

Invite team members to Funnelll and manage their access and roles to ensure that everyone has visibility around your marketing data.

While guessing can be fun when it comes to Christmas gifts or The Masked Singer, it can have costly consequences when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Funnelll takes the guesswork out of marketing campaigns by helping you identify which marketing activities are working and adjust your strategy for best results.

Make the customer journey your secret weapon.

Get lifetime access to Funnelll today!

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