I heard someone say that email is dead.

For them and their generic content, that might be true.

But for those of us that know the tricks of the trade, email is very much alive and well.

Today, we’re bringing back a tool that will help automate your campaigns with personalized emails and skyrocket conversions.

Meet lemlist.

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lemlist gets B2B companies new customers through automated outreach campaigns with personalized and hard to ignore content.

lemlist gets the campaign train rolling with a conversion-optimized templates and images for initial emails, follow-ups, referrals, and sales emails.

Turning these templates into personalized emails can be done in just a few clicks! Say bye-bye to rewriting the same emails over and over. Once you upload your recipients, you're gravy.

Ok, but how NEAT is that name change on the cup?!

lemlist is the first email automation platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images. You can include a company logo, company name, employee name, custom text, etc. on each image.

The thinking here is that when recipients see a personalized image, they’ll let their guard down and respond like they just got an email from a friend. (It sure would be nice if my friends emailed me sometime.)

You’ll also be able to track opens, link clicks, and replies so that you can see progress and forecast revenue.

People are using the lemlist Image Plan (formerly Gold Plan) to improve their press outreach, SEO backlinking, and B2B sales.

The Image Plan is usually $1,224 and comes stacked with:

1 user

Unlimited drip campaigns

Unlimited templates

Unlimited tracking

The ability to send 250 new emails per day

Unlimited personalized image templates

A/B testing

And, during this Black Friday Madness, you can steal lifetime access for just $49!

$49 for an outreach tool that handles initial contact and follow ups? Yes, it’s happening.

To have even more lemlist fun, stack as many codes as you want! Each code lets you add an additional user (another email address) that can send 250 new emails per day.

Get your outreach on with lemlist now!

If you’re tired of hitting 'send' and praying for the best on your cold emails, then lemlist is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

They've done the heavy lifting of next-level personalization so that entrepreneurs like you can have a much better ROI on your outreach.

Get lifetime access to lemlist!

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