The Gutenberg editor is revolutionary to WordPress, much like the Instant Pot for the world of kitchen appliances (love my 10-in-1).

But the basic Gutenberg editor isn’t always user-friendly, with its complex interface and advanced functionalities.

How about a Gutenberg plugin that fully equips you with ready-to-go designs and custom blocks to build your WordPress site?

Introducing Qubely.

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Qubely is a feature-rich Gutenberg toolkit that offers a robust page-building experience for anyone building a WordPress website.

Qubely is a Gutenberg plugin that offers more control over your site visuals, interactive elements, and dynamic functionalities.

You can create unique and engaging web pages in both form and functionality by using Qubely’s Gutenberg blocks.

With blocks such as Table of Contents, Form Builder, Post Carousel, Pricing List, Media Card, Pie Progress, Countdown, and more, you’ll build a functional, dynamic site in no time.

Use Quality Blocks to add a range of functionality to your WordPress site.

Want to launch your entire website in a few minutes?

Don’t let your dreams be dreams—there’s a Starter Pack for that!

Qubely provides full-width and responsive page layout bundles that literally take minutes to get up and running.

With 25+ layout bundles, you’ve got options for any type of website you want to build.

Create designer web pages in just one click with Qubely Start Packs.

Get exclusively designed “ready sections” that can be imported into any existing website with just a few mouse clicks.

Sections like Pricing, Teams, and Contacts allow you to quickly add functionality to a page or post—no coding required.

Qubely offers 156+ sections that contain all the major types of functioning pieces you need to build a robust web page.

Ready sections are functional segments you can import to any existing site.

Cut out the grunt work with a feature to apply global settings that change your website’s color scheme and text styles everywhere, all at once.

Qubely’s global settings help you maintain continuity throughout your site by creating uniformity.

And the best part is, you can freely customize your site without needing to remember color codes or font names.

With global settings, you’ll enjoy unlimited presets as well as color and typography settings for all major elements.

Qubely's global settings make creating uniformity throughout your site effortless.

Animations and interactions help create a lively experience for your webpage (plus, they’re just fun to play with).

With Qubely, you can add engaging animations that move, float, and dance around to keep your audience captivated.

Qubely features seven loading animations and advanced mouse interactions to help you create a modern, eye-catching website that leaves your visitors in awe.

Make your website come alive with eye-catching animations and interactions!

Gone are the days of stubborn and outdated WordPress builders.

Want a powerful plugin that starts where Gutenberg stops?

If you’re looking for a stress-free WordPress native site-building experience, it’s time to get Qubely.

Get lifetime access today!

P.S. Learn how to use Qubely like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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